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About the Atelier 

Architecture and Design- Tailored for you

Atelier Derek Uskert is an award-winning architecture firm, founded in 2009, with clients throughout the United States. Making luxury accessible, the team implements a client-focused, cost-sensitive, bespoke approach towards design. Well-known as a creator of one-of-a-kind luxury homes of both modern and traditional styles, founder Derek Uskert is also sought after for his innovative use of virtual reality technologies for residential design. Uskert is a second-generation architect born and raised in San Francisco. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He brings his values of craftsmanship, excellence, integrity, and good communication to every Atelier project.

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Our Story

Derek was inspired to be an Architect by his father Boris Uskert, also an

Architect and Home Designer.  Boris, born in Czechoslovakia, left his home in his Mid-20's during the Prague Spring.  After leaving Czechoslovakia, Boris first moved to Australia where he worked for Peter Hall's office helping to realize the Sydney Opera House.  If asked, Derek is always proud to show off details of the Opera house made by his dad as a young man.  From Australia, Boris then moved to San Francisco, where he worked for Bechtel, Morris-Knudsen, and 'moonlighted' as a home designer.


As a child, Derek dreamed of being an architect and following in his father's footsteps. His favorite evening activity was sketching in the corner of his dad's basement studio while he watched his father draft homes that were eventually built throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. His favorite weekend activity was joining his dad, when allowed, to visit his job sites.

Atelier Derek Uskert is therefore the result of a childhood dream come to fruition through hard work, focus, dedication, and passion.  Founded in 2009, we have now been one of California's most sought after home designers for over a decade. We look forward most to the decades to come and the projects not yet completed.

Meet Derek


Derek is an award winning luxury residential architect with over a decade of home building experience having founded his firm Atelier Derek Uskert in 2009.  Prior to founding ADU, Derek had the good fortune of working for and learning from renowned architect, Mr. Richard Landry, where he contributed to the design of multiple award-winning tradional and modern estates.

Notable accomplishments (partial list):  Build Magazine 2021 recipient of most innovative Architectural Designer and Graphic Artist;  7 time recipient of Best of Houzz award; listed by SF Architects as one of San Francisco's best residential architects.

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